What should I expect during our session?

I will direct you and your family as needed and prioritize what is most important based on your feedback. Usually, I start with the family picture, then break into smaller groups and then take individual pictures. I will make this as enjoyable for all by playing silly games and keeping your child giggling! The more relaxed you feel the more your children will be. If your child is shy around strangers and doesn’t like the camera, don’t fret as this is typical and age appropriate. My job is to try to put everyone at ease and connect with everyone to become open to the experience. I want to make the photo shoot as stress-free as possible. My goal is to capture these special moments as you want to remember them!

Do you take posed or lifestyle photos?

My style is to do a combination of both. I will never never ask a client/child to say ‘cheese’. Smiles will always be natural and candid, but it’s nice to get a few family group pictures where everyone is sitting together. Once I’ve taken the ‘must have’ pictures, I let the kids run around and capture action moments of tag, hide and seek or red-light green-light. Usually the best moments are unplanned and unexpected or when children are doing what they love best.

What is the best place to take photos?

I love the beautiful surroundings and variety of San Francisco! I feel so fortunate to live in a place that lends itself so many excellent backdrops. Some of my favorites are: The Presidio, Sutro Baths, Lands End, Baker Beach, Crissy Field, The Palace of Fine Arts, I could go on! I also love changing it up and taking pictures at a new location or at a clients home.

Can we shoot more than one location?

As long as we have time for it during our session and we’ve accomplished the ‘must have’ pictures, I’m open to it.

Should I bring any props for the shoot?

I am definitely open to using props because it’s a nice way of engaging children and adding some personality to the shoot! Balloons add visual interest, ride on toys, an old rustic wagon, a book, tea set, all these props can bring out the magic in children. However, the props should not overcomplicate the photo, they should simply accentuate them.

Do you post the images from our session on your website or Facebook?

Each family that I capture is beautiful and unique! I like to tell every family story and that’s something worth sharing! If you have concerns about this please let me know.

How do you select the images?

During the shoot I may take 30 pictures of the same pose. I like to get a variety of smiles/angles even if they are only slightly different. I do try to get input from you as we’ll do a few ‘check-in’s and I will show you a couple shots during our shoot. I will choose the best shots from each moment and will edit the selected photos. At the end, you will get the images that tell your story and capture the best memories of our experience together!

What happens after you’ve selected the pictures? Do we have to pay an additional amount?

No, the sitting fee includes your images. After our shoot, it will take me anywhere from 2-4 weeks to edit the images. I will email you access to a Dropbox file which you will be able to share with family and friends.

I have the images. Where do I print my photos?

I strongly recommend using www.Mpix.com as an outside vendor to process your images. Where you print your photos is a very important step in the whole process. Even if we have the perfect light, moments, composition, where you process your images can compromise the quality of the photos.